A Backyard Wedding to RememberA Backyard Wedding to Remember

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A Backyard Wedding to Remember

My sister is going to be married in a few months. Ever since she was a child, she’s daydreamed about the possibility of getting married on my parents’ large estate. For many people, getting married at a family home makes a wedding personal. If you are planning a backyard wedding at a family residence, consider making your day more beautiful by hiring a professional landscaper. This experienced individual can plant your favorite plants, shrubs, and flowers in your family’s yard. On your big day, you can be surrounding by breathtakingly beautiful vegetation. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of hiring a landscaper for your backyard wedding.


Natural And Native Wonderlands: 3 Ideas For Choosing Native Plants For Landscaping Designs That Are Colorful And Hardy

If you want to have beautiful landscaping for your home, it requires a good design and a lot of care. The design is where you will want to start for beautiful landscaping, and a good choice of plants will help reduce maintenance and make your landscaping hardy. Here are some ideas to help you choose native plants that add color and are easy to care for:

1. Native Grass Choices That Add Color and Texture

In North America, you have a great variety of native grass that grows from the Southern Great Plain to the Canadian Tundra, as well as species that grow from the east coast to the west coast. These grasses give you great options for adding color to your landscaping design, such as using species with shorter blade lengths or light and dark shades of green. The native grasses are a great choice to bring boarders around paths and flower beds to life. For taller grasses, they are a great addition to bare areas of flowerbeds or to accent features like rock gardens. When choosing grasses for your landscaping, pick species that grow in the wild near your home.

2. Choosing a Variety of Native Flowering Shrubs for Colorful Blooms All Year

North America also provides you with a wonderful selection of flowering shrubs, which include many species of azalea and laurels. There are different sub-species of many of these plants that are only found in the wild in certain areas, and you will want to use species that are native to a region with a climate like yours. In addition to flowering shrubs, you may also want to consider using native grape species for climbing plants and vine features in your landscaping design.

3. Native Trees That Are More Tolerant of Insect and Disease Problems

Trees are one of the most important choices when choosing plants for your landscaping design. There are some species that you may want to avoid if possible, which are those that are vulnerable to disease and insect problems. For example, pine species are vulnerable to attack from invasive beetle species, or ash trees that are susceptible to attack by the invasive emerald ash borer.  Choosing smaller hardwoods like dogwood or hickory will make maintaining easier, as well as make it easier to replace them if they do get attacked by a disease or insect infestation.

With good choices of landscaping plants, you will have less yard maintenance to do, but still have a beautiful and colorful garden. For more information, contact a business such as Urban Paradise Landscaping.