A Backyard Wedding to RememberA Backyard Wedding to Remember

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A Backyard Wedding to Remember

My sister is going to be married in a few months. Ever since she was a child, she’s daydreamed about the possibility of getting married on my parents’ large estate. For many people, getting married at a family home makes a wedding personal. If you are planning a backyard wedding at a family residence, consider making your day more beautiful by hiring a professional landscaper. This experienced individual can plant your favorite plants, shrubs, and flowers in your family’s yard. On your big day, you can be surrounding by breathtakingly beautiful vegetation. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of hiring a landscaper for your backyard wedding.


Own A Second Home In A Warm Climate? 4 Reasons To Get Lawn Care While You Are Away

Owning two properties is an excellent way to enjoy the best seasons of each destination, but it also means that you must maintain these homes simultaneously. For the most part, you can leave it all alone, but one aspect that you cannot forget about is the landscaping, especially the grass, plants, and trees. In a warm climate, you do not have to worry about extremely cold temperatures or snow, so you can enjoy a green lawn throughout the year. It is ideal to get professional lawn care to take care of the property.  

Monthly Checkup Is Affordable

With each service costing around $35 to $50, you can easily and affordably maintain the yard with monthly service. The only factor that may require you to get more frequent servicing is how fast the grass grows, but you should be able to figure this out after your first couple of visits from lawn care pros.

Look Presentable for Guests

A second home is the perfect place to have family and friends stay when they want to go on vacation. You might not want to make such an offer if the lawn is not in the greatest condition. Another way to make use of your second home is to turn it into a vacation rental, and this is when a well-kept lawn is crucial. Neighbors will also be much happier living close to someone who keeps their home looking attractive.

Avoid Annual Lawn Issues

When you do not get lawn care while you are not living there, you will likely deal with lawn-related issues on an annual basis. Weeds can show up and start to take over a large portion of your yard. Tree branches can grow too long and start to become a danger to people walking by. Also, your irrigation system may end up watering too much or too little, in which both problems can lead to dead grass and plants.

Having to re-sod your lawn can get expensive, with the bare minimum being $0.48 per square foot when you take the removal, sodding, and installation into consideration.

Come Back to a Beautiful Home

With routine lawn care, you will always come back to a beautiful and well-maintained home. You should not have to worry about such a time-consuming and costly problem each time you arrive.  

If you want to maximize your enjoyment of owning two homes, getting lawn care service (from professionals such as those from CNS Property Services & Landscaping Ltd) is a great decision.