A Backyard Wedding to RememberA Backyard Wedding to Remember

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A Backyard Wedding to Remember

My sister is going to be married in a few months. Ever since she was a child, she’s daydreamed about the possibility of getting married on my parents’ large estate. For many people, getting married at a family home makes a wedding personal. If you are planning a backyard wedding at a family residence, consider making your day more beautiful by hiring a professional landscaper. This experienced individual can plant your favorite plants, shrubs, and flowers in your family’s yard. On your big day, you can be surrounding by breathtakingly beautiful vegetation. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of hiring a landscaper for your backyard wedding.


3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Irrigation Repairs

Having an irrigation system to water your lawn is a great thing, however, fixing them when problems arise is often time consuming and pricey. In order to avoid irrigation repairs, there are certain things that you can do. This article will discuss 3 of these things, and how to do them. 

Blow All Water Out Of Your Pipes For The Winter

In order to make sure that no water is trapped inside of your irrigation pipes when you shut off your sprinkler system for the winter, it is crucial that you have all of the water blown out of your sprinklers. Air pressure will be used to blow all of the water out of the system, and this is done using an air compressor. You will connect the air compressor to the blow-out port, and then have the air pressure blow through your sprinklers until there is no longer any water coming out of them when the air is blowing out. However, make sure that you have shut off the back flow valves so that the water is forced into the sprinkler pipes and out the sprinkler heads.

Clean Out Your Sprinkler Heads

Often times, things like rocks, mud, sticks, and even large amounts of grass can get stuck inside of your sprinkler heads. This will then cause your sprinkler heads to clog, and will stop the necessary water from getting to your grass. Rather than calling someone in to see what the problem is, you should first check your sprinkler heads for any clogs. You should also do this regularly so that all of the small pieces can be removed before they turn into large clogs and block all of the water from exiting the sprinkler head. 

Use Caution When Mowing Your Lawn

When you are mowing your lawn using a push or ride-on lawn mower, it is very easy to accidentally hit one of your sprinkler heads. The blades from the mower can do a lot of damage to a sprinkler head, and can render it useless. Replacing a sprinkler head can be very pricey, and the cost will add up fast if you aren't careful. To avoid having to pay for these repairs, you need to keep your distance from the sprinkler heads when mowing. To help you out, you can place small plastic flags on metal wires in your yard where the sprinklers are. This will help you to remember exactly where the sprinkler heads are, and you will easily be able to avoid hitting them and/or running them over.

If your system already has clogs or damage that you can't address yourself, contact a local company that offers irrigation repairs